Strawberry & Apple Chia Pudding


This is a simple, yummy dessert with fresh strawberries, apples and chia seeds. Takes 5 minutes to make and half an hour in the fridge to set and voila!! Perfect deliciousness that anyone can make. Great for kids to make too. This is great for fruit that is just past its best – I bought the strawberries at the market – 500g for $1!!


500g fresh strawberries
2 small apples
½ cup chia seeds
Juice of one large lime


Trim tops from strawberries.

Peel and core apples and chop into pieces.

Put into a blender with the lime juice and blend to a smooth paste. Mine came to about 750ml.

Transfer into a container and then add the chia seeds and combine well.

If you have more/less liquid, simply adjust the amount of chia seeds.

You can add a tablespoons of maple syrup here if you wish, but it’s absolutely gorgeous just as it is!

Great for breakfast or a after school snack. Serve with fresh berries and Love. Sarah x

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