Lime & Coconut Dairy Free ‘Cheesecake’

I don’t have a photo but felt to share this with you because Dante Holmes has asked about it on the Facebook page … This recipe is for a small dish I have that is 20cmx20cmx6cm – if you need it for a bigger dish, double or triple the amounts … 2 cups of blended nuts – I use almond and macadamia but you can use whatever you want 2 tablespoons of coconut oil 2 tablespoons of coconut manna (or coconut butter) Melt the oil and manna then mix with the blended nuts. Press this mixture into the bottom of … Continue reading Lime & Coconut Dairy Free ‘Cheesecake’

Cherries & Nut Cream

Tonight after having a delicious meal with my flat mate, we felt like something sweet. I felt to share a little treat that won’t keep you awake or jumping around. It’s delicious and took me ten minutes to whip up! Put some frozen cherries (or berries) into a small saucepan with a spoonful of honey to your taste and simmer gently on the stovetop. While that is bubbling away, put into a blender: 1 cup of macadamia nuts (or almonds, or half/half) 1 sliced, peeled, cored apple ½-1 cup of almond milk (unsweetened, or water) Blend to a thick, smooth paste. Add … Continue reading Cherries & Nut Cream