Crispy Crunchy Celery Salad

Welcome to my desk!! I’ve started a new job, that I love … and I have been loving my exploration of salads. This one was particularly tasty and crispy and filling that I felt to share it with you all. Finely slice … Celery Fennel Spinach leaves Red pepper/capsicum Because this salad doesn’t have lettuce in it, I like to dress it in the morning before I leave home with lemon juice and oil (olive or avocado or hazelnut or macadamia – whatever you have and whatever takes your fancy!) … that way the fennel doesn’t brown and the dressing … Continue reading Crispy Crunchy Celery Salad

Popeye’s Power Breakfast & How to Cook the Perfect Fish Fillet

We bought a whole side of salmon on sale – large fillet, boned and with the skin on. I used a lovely large fillet in the Salmon & Broccoli Soup and the rest I sliced into four fillets and put in an airtight container in the fridge. It was definitely on the cards for breakfast to cook up those fillets … Here’s a secret that I’ve been asked to share! It’s time to reveal how I make the perfect salmon fillet. The skin is packed full of nutrients and is totally amazing when it’s crispy! This technique can be applied … Continue reading Popeye’s Power Breakfast & How to Cook the Perfect Fish Fillet

Fiona’s Spinach and Cherry Tomato Loaf

Whisk together 100grams coconut flour with 2 eggs and 220ml of coconut milk Add tumeric and chilli powder and roasted cumin and carraway seeds and leave in the bowl In a pan, gently saute a sliced onion and chopped garlic Add 12 halved cherry tomatoes and 100grams of spinach till softened and add fresh coriander Mix hot ingredients with egg mixture place in a greased and lined loaf tin Sprinkle black sesame seeds on top cook 20-30 minutes in hot oven 220oC It can be lightly browned under grill the next day and great in a packed lunch Continue reading Fiona’s Spinach and Cherry Tomato Loaf

Broccoli & Spinach Soup

I have just had a glorious weekend in Somerset and had delicious food provided by the Love in a Cup Cafe in Tytherington. On Saturday they served, with delightful divinity, a broccoli and spinach soup which inspired me to share my take on it … One head of broccoli, including the stalk, chopped One large brown onion, chopped Three cups chopped spinach (fresh of frozen) Stock Brown the onions in a little olive oil till starting to caramelize Add the broccoli to the pan with a little stock and simmer gently till soft Season with pepper, turmeric and a little … Continue reading Broccoli & Spinach Soup