Popeye’s Power Breakfast & How to Cook the Perfect Fish Fillet

We bought a whole side of salmon on sale – large fillet, boned and with the skin on.

I used a lovely large fillet in the Salmon & Broccoli Soup and the rest I sliced into four fillets and put in an airtight container in the fridge.

It was definitely on the cards for breakfast to cook up those fillets … Here’s a secret that I’ve been asked to share!

It’s time to reveal how I make the perfect salmon fillet. The skin is packed full of nutrients and is totally amazing when it’s crispy! This technique can be applied to all fish fillets.

Heat a non-stick pan on a medium with a little olive oil till just smoking. Turn the heat down a little and gently place the fillet in, skin side down. Season the top now with a little cracked black pepper. Jiggle the pan a little so the hot oil well covers the skin side.

Observe the side of the fillet and when you see that it’s cooked half way up, gently turn over onto the seasoned side and jiggle again. Tap the skin to make sure it’s crispy. If it’s not turn the heat up ever so slightly and put it back on the skin side for another couple of minutes. If it is, leave it and observe the cooking on the side again.

Most importantly, resist all temptation to cover! Not covering means you will have a super crispy outside and an opaque, just cooked inside. And a little kitchen cleaner and love will remove the oily fishy splatters later. Start dancing at this point, you know you want to. You pick the groove …

While the first side of the salmon is cooking, heat a little olive oil in another pan and saute some French shallots or a brown onion till soft. Add a stock of frozen spinach. I cooked about 12 of the little portions! Cover and allow to defrost in the pan. When all soft and green and glorious, add some freshly ground nutmeg and allow to infuse.

I served the spinach with chilli flakes and crispy fried shallots on top. And the salmon was perfect – crispy on the outside and just breaking apart in the middle. Divine.

You could pimp it up with a fried egg on top of the spinach and glow in the joy of the yolky lava oozing into the spinach. Hold me back …

This is truly Popeye’s Power Plate for all you Clark Kent’s out there, this breakfast gives you wings 😉


5 thoughts on “Popeye’s Power Breakfast & How to Cook the Perfect Fish Fillet

  1. Same crispiness can be achieved by grilling the salmon steaks. I grill the skin side first till it’s super crispy and when I turn it over I put a little topping (mixture of olive oil, turmeric, smoked sweet paprika, cinnamon, garlic, sesame seeds, cayenne pepper, minced lemon grass and any other herb, spice that you like) and get it crisp on that side too. This way it saves on kitchen cleaner, time and love too, although we do have a limitless supply of love, it’s the other two that we can be short of 😉
    Remember to put salmon on kitchen foil paper and simply bin it after the use.

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