Almond & Sesame Crackers


These almond and sesame crackers are light, crunchy and absolutely the simplest crackers to make. Great to get the kids cooking!! Just add your favourite dried herbs for a savoury flavour.


½ cup golden linseed (flaxseed) meal
½ cup filtered water
1 cup blanched almond meal
½ cup white sesame seeds


Pre-heat oven to 180ºC and cut two pieces of baking paper the same size as your baking tray. This recipe makes enough for 2x baking trays 8″x12″ – so four pieces of baking paper.

In a bowl combine the water and linseed meal and stir as it starts to thicken. When it resembles a runny paste, add the almond meal and sesame seeds. At this stage, add one teaspoon of dried herbs or ground black pepper if you feel like it. Mix well until it forms a dough, then you know it’s ready.

Split the dough in half and put it on one piece of baking paper and put the other on top. Roll it out on a board, filling in the corners, until it’s about 3mm thick. Square the edges as much as possible. When it’s thin and even, remove the top piece of paper and use a knife to press into it, forming cracker shapes. You can make triangles or squares!

Place the baking paper with the crackers on top into the baking tray and repeat for the other quantity.

Bake for 25 minutes, checking at 20 minutes. They should be hard to touch and starting to brown slightly.

Remove from oven and allow to cool. Store in an airtight box.

Great with dips or spread with nut butter for an after school snack. Serve with soup or salads!

And they don’t get any simpler than that!!!

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