Spicy Tuna Felafel Balls

Spicy tuna falafel balls (courtesy of NZ student)

1 large tin tuna (400g) or 2 medium size (185each)
1 grated carrot
1 finely diced red pepper
garlic and chilli
chopped fresh herbs coriander, parsley mint etc
coriander powder or ground seeds 1tsp
1 egg beaten
1 pkt gluten free felafel mix

Prepare felafel mix according to instructions on pack.
Mix all other ingredients in a bowl and add beaten egg at end. Then combine with felafel mix and mash together with fork and roll mixture into balls. Can add other spices/herbs as feel to eg paprika, turmeric etc.
Can shallow fry or cook in oven 180 for 15 -20 mins (latter makes them a but drier – fry better!)
Can freeze and eat hot or cold anytime!

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