Jane’s version of the Patara London Curry

Patara, Mayfair, London, is a fantastic Thai restaurant everyone needs to try!

Red curry paste (gluten, dairy, ginger free)
Sugar/salt-free peanut butter
Coconut milk, or coconut cream
Prawns (or diced lamb or chicken)
Onions, garlic, red capsicum, and either peas, cauliflower, carrot, or cabbage (or a combination)

Chop the veg, lightly fry the onion, garlic, then add the rest of the chopped veg, and prawns, gently fry momentarily, then add a spoonful (or however much you want to use) of red curry paste, a teaspoon (or two) of peanut butter

Add half a cup of hot water, stir, and then gently leave to simmer (adding a little more hot water if it dries up too quickly), stir in the coconut cream or milk (I don’t use much), and let that simmer gently, then serve

You can either cook it so it is a ‘wet’ curry and lots of juice, or as a dry curry with very little juice, but still heaps of flavouring… serve with green salad. I also sometimes squeeze in some lime juice as I am serving it – YUM

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