Spicy Lamb Curry

This Spicy Lamb Curry really knocked my socks off … maybe I will cut back on the chilli next time!!! I am not adding any salt to my food so have reverted back to making my own spice mixes for curry’s as the ready made mixes in the store all seem to have salt. I love the process of making my own – so much fun – exploring how different a curry tastes with such minor tweaks to the ingredients. This is a great foundation and you can start exploring making your own! Spice blend ingredients: 2 teaspoons black peppercorns 2 … Continue reading Spicy Lamb Curry

Lamb & Avocado Salad

What inspires me is how people respond to food. When I served this gluten free, dairy free, salt and sugar free salad for lunch the response was “wow, this tastes amazing!” It’s so simple to cook simply and have stacks of flavour and vitality in a meal. It can be light yet satisfying, tasty and nourishing all at the same time. We don’t have to miss out on flavour when going gluten free! This takes about 10-15 minutes from pan to table for two people 🙂 Ingredients: 2 small/medium lamb leg steaks Tbls olive oil for cooking Cracked black pepper … Continue reading Lamb & Avocado Salad