Crispy Fish Tacos & Fennel Slaw


Tacos are an absolute favourite in our house! Super simple and all the ingredients are available in the supermarket, so there’s only fun left to make them your own and add what you want to them! Here’s our all-time winner taco appreciation yumminess … you can easily swap out the fish for chicken, tofu or mushrooms if you feel like a change.


Pack of gluten free soft corn tacos (we use Mission)
Firm white fish, cut into pieces (we use Barramundi or Blue Eye Cod)
Toasted sesame seeds, blended into a meal
Spring pea guacamole

For the slaw:

Red cabbage, finely sliced
Fennel, finely sliced
Flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped
Juice of one or two lime (depending on how much slaw you’re making!)
Mayonnaise (we make this mayo, or you can use any dairy free, low salt/sugar mayo)
Ground pepper to taste


The amounts of everything are really dependent on how many tacos you’re making and how much slaw!

Make the slaw 50% fennel and 50% red cabbage then add a large handful of parsley and combine well. Add the pepper, lime juice and a few tablespoons of the mayo and stir through. We don’t like too much mayo on ours and we love love the sharpness of the lime to come through, so it’s absolutely up to you!

Toss the fish in the sesame meal until it’s well coated.

Heat a pan with your oil preference to a medium/high heat and gently fry the fish till crispy. This only takes a few minutes on each side so stay close by when cooking.

Slice the jalapeno and make some spring pea guacamole to serve.

Prepare the tacos according to the instructions on the packet.

Serve everything on the table so everyone can me up their own deliciousness!! Enjoy with lots of laughter and Love. Sarah x

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