Gyls ‘Gylorious’ Laksa

‘Gyl’orious Laska – inspired by an amazing family

Colour is a big thing when I cook and shop for food, so you may want to play around with what you put in this each time you make it. This serves around 4 people

Today I used,

2 eschalion shallots
1 red chilli
1 yellow chilli
1 clove of garlic
2 lemon grass stalks
handful of spinach
1 pak choi
2 free range chicken breasts or you could use prawns, tofu or vegetable
juice of 1 or 2 limes
200 ml coconut milk
600ml stock or water
1 vegetable or chicken gluten free stock cube (or water)
few lime leaves

Firstly I finely chopped the shallots, garlic and chillis, then gently softened them in the pan with olive oil and some turmeric.

I then finely chopped the lemon grass, gently cut the chicken breast into small bite size pieces, (whilst the dog watched on longingly willing me to drop some).

Then I added a gluten free vegetable stock cube to 600ml of water. I placed the lemon grass, chicken and the stock in the pan, put on a low heat and allowed it to gentle simmer until the chicken was cooked through, roughly about ten minutes.

After this I added the juice of 1 big lime, 200ml of coconut milk, 3 lime leaves, some sliced pak choi and a small handful of spinach, then let gently simmer until the spinach had slightly wilted.

Add fresh chopped coriander leaves on top when serving.

A volia c’est fini, serve and en-joy, tastes absolutely amazing and glorious!

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