Simple Dahl & Fish Supper


Super simple …

Gently fry a piece of fresh fish (or you could use prawns, or tofu, or grilled aubergine!) in a little coconut oil with lots of chilli flakes on one side.

While that is cooking, re-heat some pre-cooked coconut dahl (or cook from fresh – allow one hour) and chop some fresh coriander.

Turn the fish till cooked through and serve on top of the dahl, sprinkle the coriander and eat lovingly.

Satisfying, tasty and super simple.

6 thoughts on “Simple Dahl & Fish Supper

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I have been asked by the Director of my Centre where I work if I would plan the meal for our next staff meeting which will be for around 17 people. The usual staff meeting consists of fish and chips, pizza, pasta or a better choice, chicken and salad. I usually bring my own meal as they all know what I prefer to eat. I suggested to the Director that they have a lighter meal but I am not sure what and I either suggest something that can be bought or I make something myself. I would love some suggestions as to what we could have.

    with love

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