The Onion

I’ve often heard the analogy that healing is “like peeling away layers of an onion”.

If only … I have a lot of ‘if only’ running through my mind at the moment and there’s one thing I know for sure – I can’t go back and change them … so how do I accept the not-so-loving choices I’ve made in my life?

The unfoldment of the amazing work-in-progress that I am is allowing me the opportunity to choose another way of treating myself – I have been and can be very hard on myself for choices that have not been true for me. And the hardness stems from the fact that I knew it was ‘right/wrong’ and overrode that – I didn’t honour the first feeling. This applies to all areas of my life – men, food, money, work.

I haven’t trusted myself.

And here we are – another day, same day revolving around the sun, again – and another opportunity to have a deeper connection with myself and GIVING MYSELF PERMISSION to build trust and love with myself. That onion has been peeled away and I do need to honour how far I’ve come from and trust that I can build trust by simply starting to see myself as worthy of the love that is all around us, just waiting with open arms.

C’mon onion – let’s reveal the next layer – and if there are tears, so be it 😉

2 thoughts on “The Onion

  1. I have an ‘if’ running through my mind… If only Sarah would leave the kitchen – ha ha – even when she is being Pythagorean she has to play with food items – onions and alike ;))
    Joking aside, lovely analogy Ms Cloutier. I too keep peeling the layers, tears rolling down (in spite of wearing tear proof goggles :)) but as you expressed fluently – all because I am worth it! (and colour of my hair looks good at present too :))
    Thank you Sarah very much for sharing and I am curious what’s next on your non-food (and food) menu 😉 xx

  2. I am learning that the inside of me, knows what the mind tries to know, the inside is more powerful than my mind can get a handle on, the inside simply is while the mind tries to find ways to negotiate, to entertain, to ‘work things out’.
    Ariana Ray, UK

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