Desiree’s Dreamy Rhubarb

Cut rhubarb into pieces

Place on baking tray, add some whole or ground star anise, add pure vanilla powder, cinnamon

Bake till brown … take out the whole start anise if you used pieces

Serve warm – with crunched up nuts …

PS: don’t add water when baking.

One thought on “Desiree’s Dreamy Rhubarb

  1. Hi Desiree and Sarah, this is lovely a nice change from how i am used to making it which is:
    Cut rhubarb into pieces and slowly boil with a little bit of water, some lemong juice, cinamon and vanilla powder. Sometimes i add a little nutmeg if i feel to. Boil down till completely dissolved, If needed you can thicken the mixture with some arrow root but mostly this is not needed. Serve hot with some fresh strawberries in/on top. Enjoy!

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