Sarah’s World Famous Pesto

Gently roast lots of whole garlic cloves with pine nuts and blanched almonds in lots of olive oil till just golden then set aside and allow to cool

Put in a blender with lots of fresh basil and spinach and blitz with freshly ground black pepper and extra olive oil … add chilli if you’re feeling daring

Store in the fridge in a sealed jar with olive oil on top to stop air getting to the pesto and it will keep for longer

2 thoughts on “Sarah’s World Famous Pesto

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I made the pesto this morning but its far too nutty. How much basil do you put in your pesto, i know i didn’t put enough in. Do you make your pesto with certain proportions as in more basil than nuts etc.

    With love,
    Ps thank you for the sundried tomato recipe!

    1. Hello Mariette
      Simply keep adding greens till you feel it’s right for you. Try halving the extra nutty pesto and put one half in the freezer for another day. With the other half, put back in the blender with more olive oil and lots more basil and spinach to thin it out a little more. Everyone likes theirs a little different, and it will be different each time! Have fun with it 🙂
      and you’re welcome, glad you liked the tomato recipe
      with love, Sarah

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