Sea Vegetable Omelet


What surprises me the most about this recipe is that I have not shared it before – sorry that I have been holding out on you!!

This protein fix is my ultimate breakfast, lunch or dinner and takes about 10 minutes beginning to end.

This recipe serves one person:

Place a handful of mixed sea vegetable in a bowl and cover with water.

Heat a non-stock frypan with some oil (I love using coconut oil for this recipe, but you can use whatever you feel to)

Thinly slice a small onion and gently fry, making sure it doesn’t burn.

After about five minutes, add about half a cup of the hydrated sea vegetables to the pan with the onions and allow them to heat through for a minute or two.

Add a little dried or fresh red chilli and some cracked black pepper.

Gently beat two eggs (or three egg whites) and pour them into the pan and stir around so they start to cook through.

Cook on a medium heat till the bottom becomes crispy and brown.

Be confident, flip the omelet over and brown the other side too.

Put the kettle on while the final side is cooking through and make yourself a steaming cup of tea – my favourite at the moment is liquorice and rooibos.

Remove from the pan and slice elegantly.

Delicately eat with chopsticks.

Simple, nutritious and the biggest calcium hit you will get all day 🙂



3 thoughts on “Sea Vegetable Omelet

    1. Hi Kerry, you can buy dried sea vegetables (sea weed) from any Asian grocery store. In fact, a lot of now supermarkets stock sea weed. It’s preferable to use wakame, arame and seaweed lie that then nori sheets – they work well with suhi, not so good in the omelet. with love, Sarah

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