Radicchio, Fennel & Salmon Salad

IMG_1502Hello 🙂

Welcome to my desk.

My week has been incredible busy so I am taking my lunchbreak at my desk to share this scrumptious salad with you all. One of my gorgeous house mates, Geraldine, is a master on the barbeque. In the fridge this morning was a piece of salmon that has had the ‘G’ BBQ treatment – it is smoky and al dente – just how I like it.

I finely sliced fennel, radicchio, celery leaves and cos lettuce, sliced the succulent salmon and dressed with cracked black pepper, lemon juice and olive oil.

Served sprinkled with crunchy wakame flakes – et voila!

Super tasty and crunchy and delicious.

REAL food really supports me when I’m super busy and need a clean, vital meal to sustain me x

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