Totally Awesome One Pan Brunch

This was created with what was in the fridge …

Olive oil in a deep non-stick fry pan …

Then gluten free lamb merguez sausages cut into pieces, finely sliced leek, red peppers chopped, a few cherry tomatoes, some herbs and turmeric.

Cook till sausages are cooked through and leeks/peppers are soft.

Add a handful of spinach and steam with the lid on for a few minutes.

Create some ‘holes’ in the mixture and break in eggs.Cook till you like them – EAT with Love ♥

Swap out the sausages for fish or prawns or leave out altogether for a vege delight!

One thought on “Totally Awesome One Pan Brunch

  1. Hi Sarah, loved it and it inspired me to get the left overs in the fridge and play with my version: spring onions + sundried tomatoes + chilli+ tuna with veggies and spices leftover + smoked salmon + spinach + eggs and served with chopped fresh basil and lots of Love too:)) – yummyissimo! Thank you for sharing!

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