Rachel’s Grain Free Eggy Wraps

1 egg
1 3/4 tablespoons flax seed meal (ground flax/linseed)
Water to loosen as needed

Whisk egg add flax meal whisk again if too thick add splash of water – you are after a thick pancake batter not runny

Heat few drops oil if frying pan medium heat add
Pour enough mixture to coat bottom of frying pan – spread out with back of spoon to get it evenly distributed
Aiming for a thick crepe or English pancake thickness
Allow to cook until golden then flip over and cook on other side until egg is cooked through and golden both side
Pop out of pan and allow to cool

Brilliant spread surface with mashed avocado, fillnwith tuna, salad etc then roll up and enjoy. The avocado helps it stick to itself
Keeps well all day in your lunch box

Can also make a stack and keep covered in fridge to use the following day
yummy have fun experimenting with fillings

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