Eunice’s Egg Free Crackers

This is modified from Eva’ s recipe earlier – I was looking to make an egg free version and here it is –

Instead of eggs for binding, soak linseed and chia seed in water for couple of hours – soaks up the water and forms a gooey mixture. If you don’t have chia will probably still be ok with just linseed.

Saute onion
Blitz sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and some black olives
Add sesame seeds and pressed garlic x 2 after blitz (or could put garlic in blitzer/blender too)
Mix the blitz mixture with the onion and the linseed/chia goo
Add spices/herbs as feel to – I used some chilli and mixed herbs
Spread on tray and pre-mark divisions for cracker size with a knife and cook 150-160oC for 45 mins or so. ie. low slow cook to dry out and stick together… so just keep an eye on it.
Can pop in fridge after.
This worked out quite well – olives add nice taste. Did earlier version using whole sunflower and pumpkin seeds and thicker crackers stuck ok but thinner areas crumbled.
Seems better with blitzin! Obviously can add/remove ingredients as feel to.

If any other egg free recipes for crackers out there would love to hear them!

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