Sarah’s Wow San Choi Bow

(literally 15 minute meal, made it up for a quick. light Sunday lunch!)

In a saucepan put 500g chicken thigh mince (you could use any mince) and cooked it with a little sesame oil and a splash of lemon juice and black pepper

When fully cooked, drain most of the liquid and add five (or so) chopped spring onions, half a cup of roughly chopped macadamia nuts (or you could use water chestnuts or any other nuts you like), sesame seeds, chilli flakes (to your taste), juice of a whole lime and a little more sesame oil and lemon juice … Cook another few minutes till the spring onions soften

Spoon into lettuce leaves and roll up … Wow

For a change instead of lettuce, thinly slice eggplant (aubergine) lengthways and grill on a griddle and roll up with the mince mixture inside – super Wow!!

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