Fennel, Celery & Kelp Noodle Salad

IMG_1576Kelp, seaweed and sea vegetables contain one of the most easily absorbed and highest levels of calcium and minerals we can consume. My lunch is a really important meal for me. It’s a time for me to stop for a little while and enjoy nourishing my body. I like to go for a little walk afterwards!


Finely sliced fennel
Finely sliced celery
Finely sliced rocket leaves
Flaked cooked salmon (I pre-roasted it with some cracked black pepper)
Kelp (Seaweed) noodles (chopped)
Cracked black pepper


Olive oil
Lemon juice

Toss all gently together and allow to infuse well before serving. I prepare dress the salad prior to leaving home in the morning so when I take it out of the fridge at lunchtime it’s full of flavour!

You could easily leave out the fish and this would be an amazing vegan or vegetarian meal.

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