Catalonian Escalivada Sauce

Fiona shared this traditional recipe from the Catalonia region of Spain.

It’s traditionally served over barbequed onions, but could be served with meat, fish, vegetables or salads or as part of a mezze or snack!

Blend red peppers/capsicum, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, roasted almonds with lots of parsley and lime juice.

Serve with toasted chopped hazelnuts and pine nuts on top.

Fiona had it with a salad of advocado, celery and roasted beetroot

Yummy 🙂

3 thoughts on “Catalonian Escalivada Sauce

    1. You are going to love this Eduardo – when I read the name I wondered if it was a Catalan tradition to put a number to it too, and why 8 of all the numbers? Then I thought there might have been 7 recipes that preceded this one?! Silly/funny girl – he he he 😉 Still laughing…

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