Hello? Hello?! Are you listening to your body?

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One of my close friends is a nutritionist and to quote her – “FACT about 75% of the world’s population does NOT have the enzyme to break down the sugar in milk (AJCN). Worth pondering? So why are we TOLD to have 3 serves a day?? Who are we going to listen to – the authorities or our bodies??”

Are we programmed to be deaf to our body? Are we ever really listened to by our parents if we don’t want to eat something? So do we learn not to listen and then choose not to because “I’ve always eaten it”?

Over the last ten years, my body has become more and more honest and transparent. When I was diagnosed with severe candida in 2004, my body was totally blocked up and I was in chronic pain. At that time my self-diagnosed remedy was a vindaloo washed down with pints of Guinness – that would inevitably get the whole system moving again!!

Even typing that brings a shudder remembering of the violent reaction of my body then and the barrage of poisons on my fragile and vulnerable body at that time. I was using the spices and alcohol as a combination to cause a trauma on my body to get a result – release of the tension I was holding in my body. I needed gentle healing, not more poison.

Now I know we usually aren’t so honest about it, but we’ve all done this to some extent haven’t we? Laxatives, pro-biotic drinks, yoghurt and other products to affect the same result … unfortunately; they are packed with sugar and are milk based which are both poisons to 75% of bodies on earth.

At the time, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place (puns intended).

When the candida was diagnosed, it was recommended I refrain from all sugars, including alcohol and gluten, dairy, yeast, mushrooms and potatoes for three months and then be tested again. After that time, the candida was reduced, but for long term healing, another three months was suggested. It changed my whole perspective on my body and I’ve never returned to those foods. I totally felt the correlation of my symptoms being directly related to what I ate, how much I ate and how I felt when I was eating – it was a revelation.

Am I rushing when I eat? Am I preparing my food with tender care, knowing it’s going in my precious body? Am I shopping for my food with the care I now give myself? And I’m realizing all these things make a difference to my body – amazing!

I’m listening to my body and it’s not asking, so I’m not delivering! If it’s shouting for spinach for breakfast, I listen and don’t override that with cereal or granola, just because it’s a certain time of the day.

When we take time to listen, our bodies are the marker of all truth – and it speaks wise and amazing truth if we choose to listen.

Here’s a Yummy-licious Yellow Pumpkin & Aubergine Curry – with everything healing for your beautiful body.

In a pestle & mortar, make a paste with:

2 x whole star anise
2 teaspoons coriander seeds
1 or 2 large garlic cloves
2 teaspoons dried red chili flakes
Seeds from seven cardamon pods
2 teaspoons lemongrass
2 teaspoons turmeric
Zest of one lime
5 thinly sliced kaffir lime leaves
2 teaspoons coconut oil

Do the anti-clockwise shimmy and blend till smooth and delectable.

Add to a saucepan and saute gently till the flavours start to pop and sing.

Add one tin of coconut milk and simmer gently for a few minutes then add small cubes of pumpkin/butternut squash and cook for a few minutes.

Add broccoli and, if you feel to, some protein – meat/fish/prawns – Sandra and I had firm white fish – cook through – time will vary depending on your protein choice. Or stay with simply vegetable and add aubergine too.

Stir through gently chopped basil (Thai or Italian), the juice of the lime and fresh coriander/cilantro just before serving.



One thought on “Hello? Hello?! Are you listening to your body?

  1. Healing is not only for spiritual,we also need to heal ourselves with food.We also need discipline on what we need to eat everyday,because we do not know we might be at risk.

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