Dragana’s Cabbage and Sausage Marriage

Inspired by Natalie Hawthorne 😉

Talking of merguez (Moroccan lamb sausages) here is one I whipped up earlier. Few months ago I was talking to the lady in the title of this dish 🙂 and she mentioned that she had made a yummy dish with cabbage and merguez. I actually never got the recipe from her, but I thought:  ok – got the cabbage, got the sausages, so what’s to stop me! and here is the product. Although to tell the truth where I come from this is a very common dish but it is cooked with smoked pork ribs.

Gently sauté lots of garlic and shallots in a deep pan – I did it for about 10-15min on a low flame, make sure it does not burn. Sprinkle a teaspoon or so of mixed herbs (comes mixed already in a packet). Add chopped up cabbage and sauté for another 10 min or so. Keep stirring so the cabbage gets coated in oil and herbs.

Then add tomatoes cut in quarters, a splash of pure tomato paste and one small dry smoked paprika. The ones I have are not too spicy and if I cook it whole it only gets mildly spicy. When I want it spicier I cut a slit through the middle keeping the stalk intact.

Throw in few olives as well and add a little bit of water at the bottom, turn up the fire medium to high (but keep watching – it can easily burn)  and cook until cabbage is soft but not dead (like mum used to do it :))

I don’t use salt only lots of black pepper at the end.

Fry or grill  merguez separately (barbecued even better) and then cut into pieces and add to the cabbage. Lashings of parsley or basil or coriander or whatever your heart’s desire and enjoy. This dish gets even tastier after few days in the fridge so I like to cook larger quantity and then keep returning to it as days go by.

My tummy was in-joy 🙂

with love,

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