Coconut and Nut Slice

(a twist on Rebecca’s ‘cheese’ cake)

**amounts of all ingredients depend on the size of the dish you are using – if you make too much of the nut/seed mix, freeze it to use in another batch of the slice or have it for breakfast sprinkled on fruit!

De-frost a packet of frozen fresh coconut and blend to a pulp with the juice and zest of two limes and some vanilla powder … and a few table spoons of coconut oil. Set aside.

Blend almonds, pecan, pumpkin seeds and macadamias to almost powder.

Add them to a deep frypan with sesame seeds, coconut oil and honey and toast till just brown. Allow to cool.

Press nut and seed mixture into the bottom of a serving dish about 1/3 the depth of the dish and put in the fridge or freezer.

When the nut base is set, pour on the coconut mixture and put in the fridge to set … it’s the coconut oil that sets everything.

Serve chilled and enjoy!

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