Naren’s Hummus

Making great hummus

I’m sure lots of you make your own hummus but I felt to share two tips that have made all the difference to my hummus making adventures.

1. I don’t know why this works but it does: Mix the lemon, tahini and garlic FIRST.
Whip it up with a spoon or fork until it gets stiff (there’s definitely some chemistry going on here because this mixture actually starts to get warm). It you are finding it is getting too stiff you can add just a little cold water to loosen it a bit, but don’t add too much.

This gives the hummus a much lighter texture and it doesn’t turn to something you could fill the holes in your walls with. You can then add the chickpeas and blitz, adding a bit of water as you go (use either the water from the chickpea tin or the water you boiled them in) to thin it out until you have the desired consistency.

2. When you add the oil, stir it in. Do not blend it.
If you blend the oil is basically foams up and again you’ve got cement dip.

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