Jane’s Simple Vegetable Soup

Any sort of cabbage, red onion, carrot/s, broccoli, can also add leek, celery too – all chopped, plus fresh parsley, a few chopped chives, a bay leaf (or two), black pepper and olive oil, – pop it all into a pan, add enough hot water to just cover, and gently simmer for 10 – 15 mins max – NO blending, just simply eat and enjoy.

One thought on “Jane’s Simple Vegetable Soup

  1. Hi Jane and Sarah, my variation on this one that i have been making for years, especially in the summer: Saute some brown onion and springonion in a little olive oil. Add roughly diced fennel, green beans, celery, (yellow) pepper, paksoy (bokchoy) and fresh chili. You can slo use broccoli and mange touts with this.
    Watch witch ones to cook first as some veggies take longer then the other so all is evenly cooked but still has a slight bite to it. Top of with black pepper and lots and lots of fresh parsley. Works for any meal of the day. For breakfast sometimes i enjoy cracking an egg in the boiling hot soup.

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