Simon’s Vegetable Lasagne

A nice warming winter (or British summer) dinner.

Take a generous handful of brown lentils and a mix of beans. Boil them in water or stock to make the beans slightly less windy 🙂 and simmer gently for about 20 mins.

Meanwhile slice a large aubergine (eggplant if you prefer) into long strips, oil and grill until the slices almost burn.

Take the bean/lentil mix and add well fried onion and garlic, chopped tomatoes (tinned or fresh, your choice) and your choice of spices. (For Italian try rosemary, thyme and basil – Moroccan style go with paprika, cinnamon and thyme)

Then basically make it into a veggie lasagne lookalike, replacing the pasta with aubergine. So just make layers of aubergine and tomato/bean mix. Then bung it in the oven for a bit to bake together.

I top it with sliced mushroom because I like it.

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