Sarah’s Luscious Laksa

Laksa is a Malaysian soup that was my favourite when I lived in Australia. There aren’t many in London, so I have created my own. I made this Laksa paste from a few recipes that I found – it’s been ‘Sarah-fied’ – and verified – it’s amazing! 4 shallots 6 garlic cloves 2 tbls crushed macadamia 4 tbls soaked dried shrimp 6 bulbs fresh lemongrass 2 teas chilli flakes 2 teas turmeric 4 teas coriander seeds 1 teas fennel seed 1 teas cumin seed 1/2 teas cinnamon 4 cardamom pods 6 kaffir lime leaves Fresh mint Fresh coriander stalks Blend … Continue reading Sarah’s Luscious Laksa