Jinya’s Warm Broccoli Salad with Roasted Spicy Almond Chunks

You could enjoy this at any time of day, but I had it for breakfast and it was very fitting indeed.

While steaming some broccoli florets, grind a handful of almonds – not too much though.

Warm some olive oil in frying pan on medium heat and add the nuts. Add a teaspoon of turmeric, a sprinkle of cumin, a dusting of sweet smoked paprika and a few caraway seeds.

Gently fry until roasted.

When the broccoli is tender (not too soft), remove from steam and in a bowl combine with pepper, olive oil and a teaspoon of rose harissa. I didn’t, but you might feel inclined to add some lemon juice here.

Then top with nut mixture straight from the pan.

You could top it off with a fried egg but that might be over-egging the omelette… what omelette?


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