Janine’s Traditional Lebanese Falafel

There’s so many falafel recipes around, here’s a traditional Lebanese recipe that comes from my family:

2 cups dried broad beans*
1 bunch spring onion
1 bunch parsley
3 tablespoon cumin powder
5 tablespoon coriander powder
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
vegetable oil for frying

(And no, no garlic! The garlic comes from the tahini sauce or hommus dip)

1. Wash and soak beans overnight
2. In a food processor, or with a sharp herb cutter or knife, finely mince parsley and reserve in a large bowl
3. Repeat same with spring onion and add to the bowl
4. Put beans into the food processor with all the spices and 1/4 cup water. Blitz as long as needed to create a smooth, semi creamy consistency
5. Add to parsley and onion and mix well by kneading with your hands
6. Leave to set in the fridge for an hour
7. Heat the oil in a saucepan until medium hot
8. Make falafel balls by rolling them in your hand to the size of a walnut shell and slightly flattening them
9. Fry gently till dark golden brown
10. Do not cover or they will sweat and go soft
11. Serve immediately with tahini sauce of hummus dip

*If you can’t find dried broad beans you can use dried chickpeas instead.
*You can buy falafel makers from Middle Eastern stores which come in different sizes
*Keep falafel from sticking to your hand by dipping them in warm water in between making balls. Just a little water to dampen your hands will do.

yummo 🙂

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