HuffPost Blogs

Hi everyone,

Felt to share with you my latest HuffPost blogs …

Is Detox the New Black?

From Size 20 to Size 10 – Weight Loss That Works

Check them out!!

Please leave comments if you would like to 🙂

Love, Sarah


4 thoughts on “HuffPost Blogs

  1. Hi Sarah, both these link to the same article. I suspect detox is the new black should link to another…? Boy you’ve come a long way, the power of love is truly amazing. And you’ve moved back to Oz, how very cool. Enjoy sweet lady. with love, Candida x

    Candida Rudd Home 310 455 0353 Cell 310 795 0132

  2. Hi Sarah! I really enjoyed the article regarding Weight loss that works. After a Melbourne Winter of either eating healthily or over-indulging and beating myself up over it, I find that this is advice I can follow!! Thank you!! Warmest wishes, Mel xo

    1. Melissa!! How lovely to hear from you … funny thing is that we totally know what’s going on .. yet we still go round in circles! Great that you are going to step into more love for yourself. Love, Sarah

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