Divine Herb Soup


My intention was to make a batch of the Herby Fish Chowder – because it is so nourishing. After all, we eat to nourish ourselves right?

But there is a twist in the tale … I doubled the herb content and added fresh spinach instead of fish … here’s how the inspired Divine Herb Soup evolved to be the smooth, multi-layered, simply loving harmony of scent, taste, picture perfect green-ness I have ever had.

Wash and dry 1 cup each of fresh:

Sweet basil
Flat leaf parsley

Place in a blender with two garlic cloves and a small red chilli and add filtered water to allow it to blend to a smooth paste.

In a large saucepan gently saute in olive oil:

1 finely chopped large brown onion and finely chopped 1 large fennel bulb with a little cracked black pepper till soft. I finely chopped them because I didn’t want to wait too long for them to cook!

Add 1 cup of filtered water after 5 minutes so it starts to steam through.

Add the divine herbs and allow to simmer till soft.

Add three cups of washed fresh spinach leaves and wilt.

Add more water if needed before blending – I felt like a thick, hearty soup so the water at the end was simply to get the hand blender moving around.

The flavour is quite extraordinary in this soup. My flat mate, Jinya, and I were speechless for a moment – it is so nourishing it felt like my body was singing. Jinya actually was singing. It was a moment to cherish. The singing and the Divine Herb Soup.

Enjoy, with Love, Sarah

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