Californian Cupcake Eggs

By Candida in California 🙂

On my search for delicious and nutritious gluten and dairy free packed lunches for my 6 year old (who really only wants to eat GF ham sandwiches) I came across a Paleo food site where I found these as a breakfast idea. I’ve made them several times now for breakfast at home or on the go and for packed lunches. The whole family enjoys them and they can be made to suit everyone’s tastes, yum yum yum.

In a cupcake liner, add 2 slices of mushrooms or any vegetable you like
2 pieces of asparagus or some leaves of spinach or a few frozen peas
crack in 1 egg
add pepper and chilli flakes if desired
and top with your favourite – I used crumbled bacon
Cook at 425oF/220oC for 15 mins

I’ve also used any of the following with a combination of the above…. bits of smoked salmon or left over cooked fish, cut up ham or sausage etc. Or for vegetarian options try fried shallots and fresh herbs, or finely chopped tomato.

Note… I’m using US muffin cases, UK ones may be a bit smaller.

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